When we need help with second nature.

Nissan’s prototype compartment blocks mobile signals

When looking at your phone is second nature we sometimes need help in ensuring we don’t do it – especially when it’s dangerous. We think this will go a stage further and all cars will come with the technology that only allows drivers to use hands free and navigation.

With the amount of time adults and children spend on electronic devises in the home, it would be great to have something which cuts off devices in the home. If anyone comes up with one let us know as we’d love to have one.

Nissan has unveiled a compartment that stops mobile signals. Drivers can place their devices into the armrest of the Juke crossover vehicle to prevent Wifi and Bluetooth signals, eliminating distractions caused by calls, messages and other notifications. The Signal Shield prototype uses 19th century technology to block electromagnetic fields from entering the compartment.

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