What’s your inspiration?

Gucci’s app connects people and places

Giving people an inside track on a brand is appealing to everyone. LVMH have done it with Meet the Artisans and Burberry with Meet the Makers. Gucci’s take is different and about inspiration. We feel the more people get to know about what’s behind the story the more appealing the brand and product becomes.

This seems an obvious content opportunity for property with connecting prospective purchasers with the inspiration behind the architecture

Accessible via the Gucci mobile app, Gucci Places invites people to explore the locations that have inspired the luxury brand's creative director. The first location to be revealed was Chatsworth House, with a collection of pieces available based on the museum: the Gucci Places Chatsworth line. The collection was only available at Chatsworth and at one of Gucci's London stores. Users could also check-in at Chatsworth in order to win a virtual badge, with the app also providing rich media content on the location.?

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