Wellbeing Furniture

The Bring Together Collection by LA based designer Megan Lin is a set of furniture and fixtures that aim to enhance a sense of calm and wellbeing by bringing nature indoors.

With our never ending desire to be more in touch with nature, we applaud products which bring nature inside the home as Megan Lin has done here.

Gather Light Pendant & Table: The ambient pendant light, when beamed onto the table below, mimics the colours of sky. The user can rotate the printed tabletop, allowing the bluehued reflections to shift and change.

The Flow In Door Pad: Positioned either side of the doorway, the floor covering creates a welcoming path from the outdoors to the interior via a visually smooth transition of graduated colour. The handcut, dyed wool doormat is tactile underfoot.


Inside Out Mirror: As a fixture that attaches to the inside windowsill or a wall, the mirror blurs the line between outdoors and indoors. Made of mirrored acrylic and plastic, the fixture can pivot and bend to reflect expanses of the sky and the surrounding outdoor environment.

Lin's collection offers a holistic approach to the living space, where consumers are being inspired to rediscover nature in a bid to enhance their senses and stay in the moment.

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