Welcome to the remedy hub

All retail and gym elements are anchored in the benefits of achieving a neutral body-mind state. The premise, according to the brand, is that neutrality is the key to unlocking inner power.

A real ‘mind and body’ experience here and no surprises to find it in Japan. It takes a much more holistic approach than we take in the west, but we perceive this as changing with people becoming ever more aware about the importance of their state of mind. Look at the rise in mindfulness in the past 12 months alone. When designing living spaces, be they communal or private, why not include spaces to help residents get the full mind and body experience?

Located in Tokyo’s upscale shopping district of Gaienmae, the Neutral Works flagship encompasses four key components: workout clothes/equipment, nutrition, scientific ‘recovery services’ and educational workshops.

  • On level one, a café/bar offers recovery-aiding hydrogen-enriched water, coffee, tea and freshly prepared recovery-boosting shakes, juices and superfood meals.
  • Levels one and two both display workout gear corresponding to specific sports. Indoor sports and general athleisure (yoga, gym and lifestyle) sections live on level one, with outdoor-focused brands Run, Swim and Training residing on level two.
  • Level three features a gym with lockers and shower rooms plus a medical team supervising Recovery, Maintenance and Training sports services. Powering up the concept, visitors can train in a low-oxygen chamber, recharge at a hydrogen inhalation station or take part in a stretching class. They can also relax in the Bio-Photon room – an electromagnetic light therapy space designed to neutralise ‘chaotic energy streams’ and expedite healing processes.
  • In future there are plans to introduce an area dedicated to nurturing high-quality sleep patterns.
  • Workshops around the company’s new wellbeing focus are held in the experimentation lab on the fourth floor.
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