Volkswagen’s Smart Key Fobs

Following a partnership between Volkswagen Turkey and Silicon Valley-based beacon provider Blesh, drivers across Turkey will be able to find their smartphone, track their keys and access the Volkswagen app via a smart key fob.

It’s interesting to see integration between mobile and products when it comes to beacon technology. It’s an area we feel the property sector hasn’t exploited yet, from recognising who is coming into a marketing suite or exhibition to within an apartment block itself.

The device is one of the first commercially available products linked to the physical web – a network of Bluetooth-enabled beacons that create a bridge between digital and physical realms.

Users will be able to locate misplaced phones by tapping twice on the Volkswagen logo on their key fob and following a beeping sound activated on their phone. Conversely, users can see the location of the key fob on the mobile app or locate it by following a beep. The key fob also works as a selfie remote.


Commenting on the partnership with Volkswagen Turkey, Blesh chief executive Devrim Sönmez said: “Our experience in the beacon market has shown very strong interest from industries like retail and banking, however we see the Volkswagen smart key fob as the first major beacon project in the automotive industry.”

The move hints at a future of wider physical web integration and a proliferation of devices set to drive a post-digital evolution that will radically change the way brands connect with consumers.

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