Voice controlled ambience – Smart lighting by Ikea

Ikea has launched a range of smart lighting kits – challenging the notion that intelligent lighting has to be expensive.

Experts say if you want to know what automotive technology will be mainstream within a couple of years you should check out Mercedes Benz. Within the home, we’d recommend you check out Ikea’s Innovation Lab. They incredibly progressive and what’s good for most of us is the price doesn’t alienate the majority.

Here’s such an example, from just £15 you can have smart lighting within your home.

Starting from £15 and offering various solutions from LED bulbs to panels, the collection now has added compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant.

The low price point allows a broad audience to start exploring the ambient and interactive possibilities of a smart LED bulb. The lights are easy to use and install: the old bulb simply needs to be replaced with the smart one. The colour and intensity of the light can be adjusted via remote control, app or voice control.


With Apple’s Home app – an application for controlling multiple connected devices – users can customise and pre-set their lighting differently in each room. Opening the connected home to everyone, the lighting kits become part of the smart-home ecosystem, alongside thermostats, door locks and other sensor-embedded products.

In addition to the bulbs, the collection includes LED light panels and doors. The panels can be fixed to walls or ceilings, while the doors can either be used on their own, or fitted into the brand’s two compatible cabinet ranges. Resembling daylight, both of these products are intended to enhance wellbeing.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road