Virtual Try-On

Sophisticated new virtual try-on tools, both online and instore, are capitalising on consumers’ increased willingness to use tech to trial products

We’ve long held the view that technology can help break down purchase barriers within the property industry. However, so many times we hear people tell us that things like VR and AR don’t work and a brochure is best. Hard to believe when a third of clothes shoppers are interested in virtual assistance and 41% of people want VR to reimagine home furnishings.

Thirty-three per cent of British consumers are interested in virtual assistance when trying on clothes, while 41% would like to use tech such as virtual reality (VR) to reimagine home furnishings (Westfield, 2016). They're also more likely to visit a store featuring VR (57%), smart fitting rooms (57%) and augmented reality (AR) (52%) (Barclays, 2016).

OnScreen, InStore:

In tandem with London College of Fashion's Innovation Agency and UK technologists Meshmerise, British accessories designer Emma J Shipley released the Scarfi app in November. It uses facial recognition technology and AR to allow people to virtually try on her S/S 17 designs, then buy inapp

or share their images on social media. The launch was accompanied by a popup at Westfield shopping centre in London, where the same could be done via static tablets, collecting purchases rom an adjacent vending machine.



Realistic Virtual Fashion Fit:

Israeli app Zeekit allows users to browse fashion items virtually overlaid onto photos of their bodies. US fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff used it during S/S 17 New York Fashion Week (see S/S 17 Catwalks: Comms Innovations for more details).


Speed Trialling: In May, Italian eyewear manufacturer Safilo partnered with Marie Claire magazine and app YouCam Makeup. The virtual trialling experience allowed users to test 40 pairs of sunglasses from 10 Safilo brands, including Fendi, Marc Jacobs and MaxMara. To purchase, clicking on a simple icon redirected users to Safilo's ecommerce site.

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