Virtual in room retail and stylist

Amplifying the standard guest experience, Westfield has partnered with London’s Sanderson Hotel to trial a virtual reality mirror, allowing residents to shop designer fashion in room.

A great example of how technology, service and the personal touch combine. Westfield couldn’t make it any easier for people to choose items from the comfort of their hotel room and have everything delivered before going out in the evening. Is there an opportunity for property businesses to have a more personal experience outside of the likes of a marketing suite?

Conceived to be as unobtrusive as possible, the screen functions as a conventional mirror until activated by a button, when two screens appear side by side. One displays a video chat option connecting users to a personal stylist? the other features a search engine.

The dual digital format allows users to search solo or with personal assistance – the stylist can view what the user is seeing onscreen, in real time. The stylist also serves as an overarching concierge for all brands affiliated to the system – labels involved include Burberry and Gucci. Consumers can pay directly via the mirror, as well as arrange for items to be delivered straight to their rooms in just 90 minutes.

"Shoppers are looking to physical retailers to go beyond the transaction and provide richer consumer experiences that can't be replicated online," said Myf Ryan, chief marketing officer at Westfield. "The 'Virtual Stylist' tool delivers such an experience to the discerning customer, who wants all the convenience of online shopping, coupled with the personal service and human interactivity of a stylist."

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road