There’s much A/D/O about Mini

Mini launches creative maker space

We love it when a brand is true to its DNA. Mini is a brand with a rich seam of DNA running through it, being a design icon forms part of this. So setting up a creative co-working space in Brooklyn is a natural fit for the brand. This is a perfect example of how a brand is more than a product. Something which can’t be said for brand operating in the property world. It’s not all about the bricks and mortar.

The Mini, one of the most enduring designs of the automotive age, was created in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation’s secret research team, staidly named the Amalgamated Drawing Office.

In 2017 Mini partnered with a US-based architectural firm to open A/D/O -  a design space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn that provides a ground-breaking new kind of space for designers.  Founded by MINI as part of the company’s own design practice and continued exploration of innovations that improve urban life, A/D/O provides a new kind of platform for designers, aiming to foster a broader conversation across and beyond disciplines

‘We believe designers can tip the scales towards a more humane world,’ says Esther Bahne, head of brand strategy and business innovation at Mini. ‘The first Mini was an iconic design with strong emotional appeal and an answer to the fuel shortage of the time. This is what inspires us at Mini today, as we aim to develop products and services that are truly relevant to people. A/D/O was founded in this spirit.’

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