The stadium store

Adidas has unveiled its largest flagship to date on NYC’s Fifth Avenue – a new stadium inspired hybrid retail concept.

When the heroes that ware your products achieve greatness in the stadium, why not bring the stadium to us lesser mortals? That’s what Adidas has done in New York as well as considering which elements can be bought across to retail from the stadium experience.

The 45,000 sq ft, four storey industrially styled space is modelled on high school sports stadiums. Visitors enter via a concrete tunnel, similarly to athletes entering the field, and they can sit on benches between the ground and first floors to watch live games broadcast on supersized screens. Continuing the very literal stadium theme, the changing rooms are styled like locker rooms, cash desks mimic ticket booths, and metal meshing is used throughout as divider panels.

A Launch section at the entrance showcases new product releases, while the Turf and Track sections allow consumers to test products pre-purchase, such as footballs or running shoes.

There's also a personal fitness consultation area, a tourist targeting concierge desk boasting same day hotel deliveries, two computer assisted customisation zones for footwear and clothing, and a section dedicated to NY specific merchandise such as limited edition sneakers.


In the women's area (offering femalefocused footwear and apparel), tablets equipped with Bra Finder tech help consumers find the correct kit, via a combination of body measurements and details of preferred workouts.

Playing to the booming Wellness industry, the store also stocks fitness and nutrition books, and a healthy eating café from Williamsburg based Grass Roots Juicery.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road