The MAMIL starts to exercise his influence

Hyundai’s campaign protects cyclists on the road

This is a huge undertaking but could pay off. It’s a great example of actions speaking louder than words. Not only are Hyundai making cycling safer they’re also making the cyclists ‘feel special’. It will certainly make these high net worth (more often than not) cyclists pre-disposed to your brand.

 We don’t know how much Skoda paid Bradley Wiggins to be their brand ambassador but when you throw in the production and media costs we bet it’s far more than Hyundai have done here. Which will create the most impact? We’d bet on Hyundai.

 Property companies – think about walking the talk. Actions speak far louder than words.

Hyundai has announced that #AllAsAssociate: a campaign aiming to support and promote cyclists' safety on the road in Spain. Through Hyundai's website, biking clubs can request a car to drive alongside them as they ride on the weekends; free support cars and drivers are provided by all of the Hyundai dealerships in Spain. Hyundai partnered with organizations including #JuntosEnElAsfalto and the General Direction of Traffic for the the initiative.

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