The ageing companion

Entrepreneur Yves Béhar’s San Franciscobased Fuseproject studio has created ElliQ, an “emotionally intelligent robotic companion” designed to help older adults stay connected to the world.

We’re big fans of Yves Béhar and for those of you that have had ageing and lonely relatives, know this could really help enhance their day to day lives. We’re looking into multi-generational living and ideas like this would be a good added benefit as they take off some of the responsibility of other family members.

The device, created in collaboration with Israeli tech company Intuition Robotics, is intended to tackle the problem of loneliness and lack of social activity among seniors.

Concept footage suggests ElliQ will use machine learning to determine the preferences, behaviour and personality of her owner to proactively recommend activities, send verbal notifications, responses to messages, reminders for medication and integrated video calls.


An accompanying app will allow loved ones to monitor activities. With the aim of being emotive, autonomous and easily understood, she will use natural communication to express herself – including body language that conveys emotion, speech interface, sounds, lights and images. “We like to think of her as part communication coordinator, part facilitator of lifelong learning and part coach,” says Dor Skuler, chief executive and founder of Intuition Robotics. There is currently no release date or pricing for ElliQ, but interested parties can join a waiting list on the Intuition Robotics website.

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