Tension Based Furniture

Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Guglielmo Poletti set out to research material boundaries and the essence of objects in his furniture collection Equilibrium, debuted at Dutch Design Week 2016.

Sometimes when you have to restrict yourself on what you’re allowed to use to create a product is a very good thing. It challenges you to challenge conventions and this is exactly what Guglielmo Poletti did.

The minimalist, industrial looking collection consists of four items that explore different material properties. Each object is constructed with only a few parts that play with tension and balance to form solid, functional pieces.

Stool: Despite only consisting of a semitransparent, orange urethane rubber cylinder and an oxidized copper plate, the stool is strong enough to sit on thanks to the tension created by the arch shape of the rubber. Tied with a rope, it forms a solid base for the copper seat.

Console: Assembled to stay in position through the use of tension, the console is constructed from two U shaped steel sheets 3mm thick. The ends of the top piece are pulled down to create a flat surface, which is held in place with a stainless steel cable.

Low Table: The transparent acrylic parts openly show how the table is constructed and tied together with a piece of rope. Pulling the rope from the base of the table through the tabletop and twisting it with a bronze rod creates a natural tension that tightens and stabilises the structure.

Bench: The black lacquered bench is made from MDF that is only 3mm thick. A hotrolled steel arch is fitted underneath to give the MDF strength, while a steel cable keeps the structure in place and stabilised, allowing pressure on the seat.

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