Tattoo touchpad

Stemming from the belief that in the future, onskin electronics will no longer look like mysterious black boxes but rather will resemble body decorations.

DuoSkin wearables aren’t an accessory, they’re part of your skin. By piggybacking on the trend in body art, these metallic jewellery like tattoos will be both tech and fashion statements.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, has prototyped an affordable smart tattoo that can be printed at home.

The conductive properties of gold metal leaf allow for it to be used as an onskin interface for input, output display and communication such as controlling mobile devices, displaying tickets or even storing a travel pass on the wearer's skin.



This innovation represents the evolution of screenbased gesture control shifting into a productless realm. Here, smart surfaces will dominate, and decoration and adornment will be enriched with technology.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road