Smart radiators in every room

Back in 2014 we looked at two new startups which make it possible to retrofit old heating units with smart technology.

Often the best ideas are the most obvious. Having one thermostat for the entire house doesn’t make sense. Not only do different parts of the house have different ‘natural temperatures’ but we also want different rooms to be at different temperatures. Here’s a simple way to do just that as well as make significant savings on energy bills.

More recently we lookd at these tents designed to fit over beds, helping warm air to circulate and reduce heating consumption. Now, French electrical products company, Netatmo, and designer Philippe Starck, have created smart radiator valves.

The product, designed to be compatible with European hot water radiators, allows users to change the temperature and heating schedule for each room. So, for example, the bathroom can be heated to 21? in the morning when it is being used, but not for the rest of the day while kids bedrooms are heated to 19? from 5pm on weekdays.


The valves also come with a number of super smart features. Open window detection automatically stops heating a room when a window is open, and smart regulation calculates the number of people in a room, the house’s insulation, the number of appliances being used and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

On top of that, the devices function with an accompanying app, which allows users to control and customize their settings remotely. Retailing at £59.99 each, they also claim to reduce energy consumption by 37 percent. Installation is simple as the device screws into radiators in the same way as thermostatic valves.

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