Safer driving for those new to the road

App encouraging safe, responsible driving for new drivers

It’s an obvious one for an insurance company (safer driving = less claims) but, it’s still good to see then taking responsibility. We especially like the function to silence the phone during driving albeit it could be taken a stage further by stopping all social media.

 Feels like all new homes should come with an app – covering everything from warranties,  emergency procedures and manuals to local area information.

Australian insurance company AAMI won a Bronze Cannes Lion for SmartPlates: an app designed to help new drivers develop responsible driving habits and become skilled at driving in different conditions. The SmartPlates mobile app logs driving lessons and practice sessions; it also tracks the traffic conditions, weather, and route from them in real-time. The app also includes Road Block (a feature that silences calls during drives), lets drivers compete to log more practice time than their friends, and lets users submit SmartPlates logs as proof of practice.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road