Rock a car baby.

Ford’s brand’s crib recreates the sensations of car journeys

Those with children know that even how hard it is to get them to sleep in their bedroom, as soon as they’re in a car they zonk out. It’s interesting that a car manufacturer, as opposed to a brand that specialises in baby products, came up with this one. A great example of looking at innovation from a different perspective.

If the likes of BMW, Apple, Netflix, Marriott designed an apartment what would it be like?

April 2017 saw the launch of Ford's Max Motor Dreams cot: an at-home crib replicating the sensations of a car journey. Created in the US, the device simulates the motion, engine noise and street lighting of a night?time journey, with a gentle rocking movement and LED lights lining the sides of the crib. Operated using a mobile app, the one-off pilot has proved so popular with parents that the company is considering putting the cot into full?scale production.

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