Projectors transform small screens

Sony’s Life Space UX collection promises a whole new viewing experience, with two throw projectors that cater to various viewing needs.

The majority of living rooms are designed around where the television sits. In today’s age this seems like madness to us. With tablets being in over half of UK homes and with the quality and versatility of projectors such as Sony’s below, why should we restrict ourselves to a simple aerial socket?

4K Ultra Short Throw Projector
With premium entertainment in mind, this handcrafted 4K projector's aim is to convert the living space into a personal cinema. The projector and speakers are housed within a customised modular cabinet unit, which utilises luxurious aluminium and wood for a refined finish. Because of the ultrashort throw lens, the unit can be placed close to a wall, and when turned on it can expand content up to 147 inches.


Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector
Compact and wireless, this projector transforms any surface into a viewing platform up to 80 inches wide. Aside from streaming content, a dedicated app also offers preset projections including clocks, weather information and image galleries. Made of easy to clean and high quality materials, the white projector cube also has an inbuilt speaker, enabling usage anywhere without extra equipment.

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