Peugeot Instinct – Lifestyle-Focused Autonomous Car

French automaker Peugeot launched its autonomous concept car Instinct at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this month.

It’s no surprise the automotive sector is looking at how to best incorporate artificial intelligence into the driving experience. We’re seeing a sharp rise in household items/appliances that adapt to the perceived mood of the owner to create a more relevant and enjoyable environment. This jump from Peugeot will no doubt be followed by more automotive brands shortly.

The four-seater concept is an ambitious vision of a self-driving vehicle that seamlessly adapts to a driver’s routines by connecting to other devices.

Instinct has an integrated IoT (Internet of Things) platform that synchronises with the driver's smartwatch or phone. Based on this data, the car can, for example, optimise the driving mode, or change the lighting to suit the mood after a long day at work. Syncing with calendars and navigation allows the car to foresee weather forecasts before travel, and alert the driver in case a new route is needed that requires an earlier departure.

The vehicle features two self-driving modes – Autonomous Soft and Autonomous Sharp – which allow the car to take over and reach the destination either as comfortably or as fast as possible. For the manual driving experience, it has two modes: Relax and Boost.


In autonomous mode, the interior’s evolved Peugeot i-Cockpit transforms from a driving environment into a lounging space, folding away the steering wheel and pedals. A mouse-like handle control called the i-Device sits next to a central console, allowing the driver to switch settings and modes.

Instinct is one of the latest concept cars showcasing how connected vehicles could ease everyday life by learning to interpret the driver’s emotional state from data

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