Park yourself in this suit

Limited edition men’s suit inspired by automotive design

Look beyond for inspiration. After all that’s what this website is all about and this is a great example of that. OK some may be a little tenuous like adapting to weather, but this is all about leveraging each other’s brand value. Stylish suits and cars? Makes sense to us.

For your next development think which fashion or automotive brand you could partner with. It may feel tenuous at first but if the brand’s right it will work.

British tailor Hawes & Curtis has partnered with Alfa Romeo to create a one-off bespoke collection.  Inspired by the Alfa Giulietta's sleek design, the unique pieces push the boundaries of design and showcase a combination of innovation, quality and style. Both brands boast more than 100 years of heritage, making this partnership a natural fit.

The collection includes a men’s suit inspired by the Giulietta’s design features such as a bespoke lining print based on the alloys, plus contrast stitching inspired by the bumper’s red highlights. The suit is made in Italian wool, with a water-resistant finish inspired by the Giulietta’s DNA driving mode which enables drivers to change vehicle settings to adapt to weather conditions.

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