Multi sensory car

Hyundai unveils in-vehicle mood-enhancing system

Smart technology is very prevalent in the auto sector. Cars seem to have minds of their own now, all in an effort to make the driver experience better and safer. AI in the home is quite a long way behind but needs to catch up. The likes of the ‘Moodbox’ (also on IdeaRoom) go in some part to changing this but we need to have AI embedded into the systems of the house rather than being add ons.

Hyundai and human-centric design firm IDEO have unveiled their multisensory vision for mood enhancement in automobiles. Debuted at CES in the US during January 2016, the concept behind the partnership focuses on enhancing the driver’s mood. If a driver becomes tired behind the wheel, the car will sense this and will automatically release a burst of cool air and a refreshing scent, as well as brightening the lights. Conversely, if a driver becomes stressed, the dashboard gets warmer and emits a calming fragrance.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road