Mirror mirror on the wall, how fit am I

As fitness wearables become more commonplace — it has even made it into the sport of kayaking Naked unveils a smart mirror that scans users for precise feedback on the progress they are making on their bodies.

Body scanning has been tried in retail and now it’s being applied to fitness. Perhaps the two could combine in the home so you could see how good you’re looking and then buy the clothes to meet your body?

Naked’s fitness tracker has three components: a wall socket-powered mirror with infrared sensors, a set of rotating scales (charged wirelessly via the mirror) and an app for iPhone or Android. Users stand on the scales in front of the mirror, which takes a 3D scan of their body as they rotate.

Information on weight, body fat and muscle gain are uploaded to the app via Bluetooth 4.0, and the user can see stats, infographics and a 3D rendering of their body, as well as heat-maps of how their body shape is changing throughout an exercise regime.


The Naked 3D fitness mirror is available for pre-order from USD 499, and full release is scheduled for 2017.

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