Making buying a car as easy as buying a can of Coke.

Alibaba creates vending machines for cars

Believe it or not, this is nothing new as you can currently buy cars in Singapore from a vending machine. It may sound crazy but it helps reduce costs, such as storage, staff and floor space, so actually makes sense.

 I’m not expecting to buy an apartment from a vending machine but it could be time to look at how to bring the retail model up to date.

Alibaba announced that car vending machines, allowing customers to quickly purchase vehicles from a parking garage-like facility, would be set up in China at the end of 2017. Drivers can shop and select a car via a mobile app that connects to the garage; the building then dispenses the car on the ground floor, requiring minimal interaction from sales clerks. Customers must have a credit score exceeding 750, pay a 10% fee, and make payments through Alibaba's Alipay platform.

Yu Wei, general manager of the automotive division on Alibaba’s e-commerce platform, told Alibaba’s news service that the era of online car shopping had arrived and the new automotive retail model “will make buying cars as easy as buying a can of Coke”.

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