Like to have a brand access your DNA?

App offers one-off DNA testing to use across multiple platforms

Is this the ultimate personalisation? People are always looking for personalised content, products, services etc and your DNA could be the ultimate way of doing this. Geneu offered Selfridges customers same day DNA testing in a bid to provide the most personalised skincare product. Many people at the moment will feel this is an invasion of privacy, but this will no doubt change.

The property sector is lagging behind when it comes to personalisation, chop chop.

A mobile DNA-testing app launched, promising to simplify the process of using one’s DNA sequence across a variety of platforms. Users are tested once, using the Helix DNA collection kit, and can then opt to allow other companies to have access to their results. To initiate the process, people choose a kit from one of Helix‘s partner companies; receiving the US company’s DNA test alongside this, costing an additional USD 80.

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