Let the product do the talking

Supermarket proves fish freshness via Snapchat Stories

We appreciate a purchase in a supermarket is very different to buying a house but we like this. The more we look into luxury retail the more we see the desire from consumers for authenticity. Burberry have Meet the Makers, LVMH Meet the Artisans.

How about property developers let the products tell the story. Where the wood comes from. Who did the joinery. Where the marble originated etc. This creates stories which people latch onto and tell their friends. 

French supermarket chain U unveil a campaign proving how fresh its fish is. The supermarket printed labels on its fish display counters with Snapchat QR codes meaning that shoppers could trace their purchases’ origins. Scanning the code took users to a Snapchat Story (which are only live for 24 hours) of their fish being caught, thus demonstrating its freshness.

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