Is that a cool or hot jacket?

Robotic jacket regulates body temperature

Pesonalised temperatures is on the increase. Women are naturally colder than me (in temperature, not sentiment of course), so this is interesting to us. Carlo Ratti Associati have developed a personalised heating and cooling system for offices. If it can be done in an office, surely we can do this in the home?

The Omius is a jacket using air vents that open and close robotically to keep the wearer at the ideal temperature. Designed with athletes such as skiers in mind, the windproof and waterproof jacket is equipped with electronically operated vents that open or close to keep the wearer at a consistent temperature. The Omius works using sensors which monitor both the body and outside temperature and send the data to a processor that triggers the vents. Users can also operate the vents manually, allowing the Omius system to learn their personal preferences

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road