Is it a plane? Is it a car? It’s both.

Slovakia-based company AeroMobil has introduced a limited first-edition hybrid car that also functions as a fully working plane.

We’re huge fans of adaptability and multi-use products but even this one surprised us. Driving down the motorway towards a tailback and instead of queuing you take off and fly home. No doubt coming to a Bond film near you shortly.

As ever, it’s great to see the automotive industry really pushing the envelope with what’s possible, something few housebuilders ever do.

Unveiled at exclusive supercar show Top Marques Monaco, the two-seater vehicle will be the first of its kind. Currently accepting pre-orders, the first round of deliveries is scheduled for 2020, when the company expects to reach full production.

The car-plane hybrid transforms from road to air mode in under three minutes, and can fly a distance of around 466 miles at 75% of its maximum speed (224mph).

On the road, the car performs at a top speed of nearly 100mph, as some speed functionality has been superseded to allow for optimal safety features to be installed within the vehicle. Standard airbags are fitted in the 3.0 model – to be deployed in the event of any terrestrial and airborne crashes.

The AeroMobil is equipped with a parachute in case of emergency landings and can withstand adverse flying conditions.

Although the AeroMobil can be driven with a valid road licence, a Sport Pilot Licence will be needed by the driver to operate the car in flight mode.

To see it in operation visit:

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