Is it a boat? Is it a submarine?

Personalised luxury yachts are completely submersible

We’re always fans of multi-use products but not sure if this is one step too far? We are seeing a significant rise in security aimed at the Ultra High Net Worth’s and this could be the aqua approach to security.

Saying that if a boat manufacturer can adapt a boat to a submarine, why can’t a new build two bedroom apartment easily adapt to a three bedroomed one?

Migaloo will be offering private luxury submersible yachts, which are capable of traveling to a maximum of 787 feet underwater. The Austria-based design studio will offer customized versions of four different models; features include a helipad, pool, movie theatre, and garage for mini submarines. As of June 2017, the yachts were still in the concept phase

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road