Interactive dress

A person’s posture and body language subconsciously conveys their emotions to those around them, and their choice of clothing can project a lot about their state of mind.

Being you can now change your lighting and music to your tastes, or emotions, maybe it’s time to look at elements like interactive paint? To big a leap? Not when you see things like the Kimbow dress or Mini Cooper 100.

Now, an interactive dress called Kimbow combines and amplifies those effects through a color changing textile. The dress, designed by fashion technology designers Eef Lubbers and Malou Beemer, reacts to the movements of the wearer and changes shade according to their position. The dress includes tech components stitched into the back of the garments. When the wearer stands with their hands on their hips and their elbow facing outward it shifts the programmable thread, making them change color to a brighter more vibrant tone. This enhances the already powerful body language, which in turn hopes to increase the wearer's confidence.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road