Interactive design

Molly Goddard is the subject of a new interactive exhibition at London’s Now Gallery, where visitors are invited to participate in embellishing the British fashion designer’s signature oversized tulle dresses.

We think Molly Goddard has struck gold here and it’s a great lesson for high end brands, property included. A simple idea which when the sum of the parts are added up, philanthropy + opening up your brand to many + PR + engagement + highlighting expertise, creates something very special.

Why don’t property businesses give people the chance to design apartment layouts? It doesn’t mean they have to make them but it engages people with the product and gets them to appreciate the thought and consideration which goes into the product.

Each dress will be hung from the ceiling and lowered on pulleys to a height at which visitors can sit and embroider directly onto the garments. Posters with graphic instructions of embroidery stitches for all abilities will feature around the gallery space to assist.

Skilled embroiderer volunteers will be on hand to advise and help visitors – who will be encouraged to truly become part of the creative process. “I would like to invite groups of skilled sewing folk from various organisations to come and do demonstrations,” explains Goddard. “Groups from local schools will be invited to take part and everyone will be encouraged to engage with handicraft.


“I like the idea that children will return to complete an image. People may sew over or work with others’ embroideries to create intricate, bold and incredibly varied embroidered dresses, so they become like a living thing changing daily,” she adds. At the end of the show, the dresses will be auctioned for charity.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road