Indoor gardening

Swedish homeware retailer Ikea has developed a new line of small scale indoor hydroponic gardening kits.

With the ever increasing impact and reliance on technology we see a huge shift towards people getting back in touch with nature to counteract this, we call it ‘rewilding’. Here’s another example as to how people can get in touch with nature within their home.

The range aims to bring affordable hydroponic farming to the increasing number of urbanites living in small spaces with limited outdoor access.

Developed in collaboration with agricultural scientists in Sweden, the Krydda/Växer (Spice/Growing, in Swedish) series includes everything consumers need to grow herbs and lettuce without the use of soil. They “make growing plants in a hydroponic system simple, so that anyone could succeed”, according to Helena Karlén, a lecturer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, who collaborated with Ikea on the project. Singletier kits (which come with eight plant pots) are currently available for purchase from £58 ($82) in the UK.


Krydda/Växer is the first project of its kind for Ikea, moving the retailer towards a more sustainable vision for the interiors market. The product was developed following findings from Ikea’s second annual Life at Home Report, which surveyed 8,500 people in eight cities around the world. It found that 60% of the participants grew plants indoors – in Shanghai, the figure was 75%.

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