Inclusive Luxe: Hermès Scarf TuneUp

In preparation for the 80th anniversary of its scarf division La Maison des Carrés in 2017, Hermès has already begun paying homage to its most iconic product – the printed silk scarf. A series of retrostyle laundry popups will include a free scarf-freshing service, regardless of the brand.

You wouldn’t normally twin a luxury brand like Hermès with a launderette, or more importantly other brands of silk scarves.

Not only can you ‘scarf fresh’ your Hermes but can also do it to any other silk scarf you may have. Being inclusive and open is a wonderful way to open up your brand to potential new customers. Hence, we’re never fans of the property developments that only have access for the chosen few. Open up your brand and you open up your opportunities.

Taking the unusually inclusive stance of acknowledging products from other brands in order to hook Hermès curious customers, the experience allows visitors to bring in silk scarves for a custom dye in unlimited colour variations, overseen by a set of onsite fabric treatment experts offering bespoke advice.

After a 48hour slow cleaning and drying process, customers pick up their revived, perfectly folded scarf – wrapped in Hermès tissue and packaged in a branded shopping bag, creating a halo of exclusivity around the service. The entire tune-up is free of charge. Additionally, the spaces are selling a limited edition anniversary range of scarves using redesigned patterns from the brand’s archive, some of which have been dipdyed in Hermes’s specialist silk workshops in Lyon.

Referred to as ‘Hermèsmatics’, the shortlived launderettes are bathed in the brand’s bright signature orange and will launch simultaneously during the first week of October 2016 in Munich, Strasbourg, Amsterdam and Kyoto, remaining insitu for two weeks.

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