Idea Buy your next Hyundai online

Cars purchased online in under five minutes

We know from our own experience with Silk Road Marketing that people are also happy buying property online without seeing the product (or being in the same city or continent). Agents, like car dealers, play a role but some would say it’s a diminishing one. We’re about to launch a development which has houses with 300,000 options and this can also be done online (albeit you will need to go to the marketing suite to verify it). The roles of the car dealer has changed to a brand ambassador now, has the estate agent moved on yet?

Those living in the UK can purchase Hyundai vehicles via the automaker's Click To Buy service. Customers can obtain a trade-in price for their old car, plus a fixed price for a new vehicle via the updated website. Drivers can also configure their new car using the Click To Buy service, as well as organizing finance and paying their deposit. An appointment can then be made to call in to a local Hyundai dealership to sign legal documentation and collect the new car.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road