Healthier office furniture

Sensor-equipped office furniture responds to individual preferences

We’re doing some work looking into future proofing office design. A big part of which is wellbeing and many furniture designers are at the forefront of this. Currently in an office everyone sits on the same chair with the same desk (and heights) which seems very outdated.  

Personalisation is going further with the likes of Carlo Ratti, who has designed a hyper-efficient office that uses sensors to create personal environmental bubbles around its occupants. Big one being different temperatures for different people. Isn’t it time this started filtering into the home?

US office equipment manufacturer Herman Miller has introduced a system of cloud-connected furnishings. Consisting of an app where users can set their personal preferences; a dashboard offering real-time data analysis; and sensor-equipped height-adjustable desks, Live OS aims to  encourage healthier working habits. Equipment was beta-launched in the US with limited availability.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road