Digital Butlers

From the butler-attended, single hotel room in the Alps to a plethora of travel booking bots, personalization is pushing hospitality industry development

With voice technology improving every day, it’s no surprise hotels are now embracing it. After all as it’s often a foreign environment (light controls hard to find) being able to do it by voice and an app makes a lot of sense.

Global hotel chain Aloft recently unveiled its own in-house offering - Project: Jetson.

Project: Jetson is a voice-activated app run from an iPad in conjunction with Apple’s artificial intelligence bot Siri. Visitors to some of Aloft’s hotels now use a few simple voice commands to manage the settings of their rooms. Pre-set directions include “Relax” to soften the lighting and “review” to turn on the TV.

Set-up is quick, with guests speaking to Siri in turn so she recognizes each voice. The bot’s full concierge capabilities are available, providing visitors with information about the area and local recommendations. Users can also stream their own social and other channels from the iPad to the


And after each stay, all personal details are removed from the system. Currently available in Aloft’s Santa Clara and Boston Seaport locations, development plans include wider use of the technology and additional capabilities, like room service ordering.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road