Crime busting hand bag

Ash be Nimble targets handbag thieves

Welcome to the Dyetonator. This makes so much sense, taking innovation from security vans carrying money to something the more ‘everyday’ robber goes for, a handbag. Not only does the bag go up in smoke, you also get paint on your face. Just need to make sure your mobile’s not in there.

Aside from an alarm, is there something similar which could be used for intruders in the home?

Ash Be Nimble release the Handbag Dyetonator: a device designed to curb handbag thefts in Malaysia. The Malaysian sportswear brand’s device attaches as a keychain onto purses, releases smoke and a permanent colored dye that makes thieves easy to spot. The mechanism can be activated remotely via SMS, with Ash Be Nimble partnering with the National Council of Women’s Organizations to reduce the increasing number of purse-snatching cases in Malaysia.

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