Coded Couture

Swedish app combines digital technology with fashion by monitoring activity and translating it into a personalised fabric.

I know we always talk about the need for personalisation within the property industry and here’s another great example from the fashion industry courtesy of H&M. Clothes which are designed and created around your personal data seems something which could be taken into the home. From music and lighting to colour changing walls responding to how you feel? Could be coming to a home near you soon.

Fashion and tech are becoming increasingly intertlinked. Google has partnered with digital fashion brand, Ivyrevel to create Coded Couture, garments built from an individual’s personal data. Coded Couture is a line of clothing tailored to the lifestyle, environment and specific tastes of the individual.

Ivyrevel, H&M’s digital fashion house, have created an Android App which monitors a user’s activity. Using this data, the app then creates a “coded-dress” by translating that activity, the routes and routines users have, into lines on a map that are then incorporated into the pattern of the dress.


The result is a highly personalized, digitally tailored dress which can be bought within the app. Those buying the dress can choose from work, party or formal for the style of the dress they would like.

The idea is currently in beta and is being tested by a number of style “influencers” including the co-founder of Iveyrevel, Kenza Zouiten.

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