Car design based around the customer, well canine.

Concept vehicle is designed for dogs

Nissan have gone all out on their new X-Trail for dog lovers. It feels like dogs are getting a better experience than the kids in the back – no treat dispensers for them. It’s not the first time Nissan have designed a car around their drivers needs simply beyond getting from A to B.  

We’re always telling property developers to look to ‘lifestyle design’. As in how can you create spaces for people to use for their hobbies. A third bedroom/study could be a spin studio to one resident or a yoga retreat to another.

The X-Trail 4Dogs is a concept vehicle designed by Nissan. The seven-seater SUV has a variety of features for dogs, such as a water shower and blow dryer plus an access ramp for boarding. The X-Trail 4Dogs also features a two-way dog camera so that drivers can keep an eye on their pets, as well as a smart dog treat bowl and water dispenser.

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