Bringing a sense of fun to car buying

Interactive Instagram game lets players explore cars’ features

Making purchasing anything fun and engaging is a plus. Too often we think because it’s a big purchase it has to be all done in a serious manner. This often makes the experience very dry and formal. Think about the people you enjoy being with – it’s the same for brands. Make it more engaging and they’ll react far more positively. Thinking a dull floorplan is what’s going to engage someone when purchasing a property is delusional.

Ford Brazil recently launched Finger Drive: an Instagram game allowing people to explore features of its vehicles. The game is based on Instagram Stories, and uses functions such as holding to pause or tapping to move to the next frame to control the game. Players can enjoy a series of three games, exploring aspects of the Ford Ka, Fusion and EcoBoost, viewing the vehicles' features in action on screen.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road