Assisted movement clothing

Smart yoga pants vibrate to correct poses

We’ve seen assisted movement clothing for the aged so it’s good to see the technology broadening out. Anyone that’s started doing Yoga would appreciate help in getting the position right which doesn’t make this feel at all like a fad (albeit quite expensive)

 For property it’s very similar to smart surfaces, whereby they can do everything from charge your phone to contact the emergency services. Such things will be second nature to us soon.

US-based Wearable X unveiled Nadi X: a pair of yoga pants embedded with sensors. The US$299 Bluetooth-enabled pants feature a ‘Pulse’ battery that’s clipped behind the wearer’s upper left knee and pairs with a companion app which triggers the five integrated sensors to vibrate. Vibrations vary, depending on how the body needs to be aligned.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road