We believe the best inspiration rarely comes from the sector within which a company operates in, especially for the property sector. As such we’ve collated inspiration from five relevant, interesting and innovative categories, namely: fashion, technology, home, automotive and retail.

We hope when you browse through some of the articles it sparks some inspiration as to how you could do something new which could make a discernible difference to your business.

Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road.

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Silk Road Marketing is a marketing consultancy which operates principally within the property sector, where most of the brand experiences are bland. Commodified products, digital templates and generic customer services combining in a sea of sameness. Where's the love, where's desire to stand out and be different and most importantly where's the idea?

We search high and low for such ideas and the Idea Room is an example of this. Look far and wide and you will always find inspiration.

Put simply if you want to stand out you have to stand for something. At Silk Road we find that something and help you produce and communicate it originally, compellingly and most important of all commercially.

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Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road