3D printed, smart, solar powered modular home

PassivDom is a Ukrainian startup that has designed a fully autonomous house, requiring no plumbing or pipes and that generates its own electricity and power.

I’m not sure about you but we’re a little tired about hearing about how progressive modular construction is in the UK. After all it’s been around since the last 1940’s and in the likes of Scandinavia over 50% of new homes built are modular. We think we’re way behind and here’s another example of a completely self-sustainable 3D printed home. That’s advancement to us.

A completely passive building, requiring no external structures like foundations, plumbing and water tanks, the PassivDom zero carbon emission, autonomous home is 3D printed in modules. Using proprietary window technology that eliminates nearly all heat loss, the windows are almost as warm as walls, allowing the home to be flooded with light, whatever the weather or climate. Solar panels provide all energy needs, with extra capacity stored in a battery.

The modular design allows the home to be built in a variety of sizes and shapes, and its carbon and fiber glass frame makes it strong yet lightweight. A PassivDom home can be set up in one day and comes equipped with all furnishings and appliances for immediate move-in.


Every appliance in the home is connected to the Internet of Things and is controlled via the owner’s smartphone. This allows the home to not only run extremely efficiently, it learns the habits and preferences of residents as time goes by, allowing for increasingly smart functioning across the entire building.


Idea Room is an initiative from Silk Road